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Sports Tourism

Sports tourism can be defined as an individual’s travel to a location for the specific purpose of either participating in or viewing a sporting event. Parents who support children who are participating in sporting events can be included in this definition as well.

Sports tourism can be broken into four broad categories:

  • Sporting events

  • Sports participation

  • Sports training

  • Luxury sports tourism

Future of sports tourism?


Smart court surfaces, live-streaming, game apps and management tools are helping facilities, event owners, and coaches create a better experience for visitors and the community. Technology is advancing and providing a better experience for both player and spectator.

Emergence of E-sports cafes in upcoming venues, while adding ancillary activities like high ropes courses to engage family members who are not participating in E-sport activities. This provides an avenue for families to interact while attending events. From venue-specific-aps, facility-wide WiFi, to online concessions ordering, an equal amount of attention is placed on the experience of the non-athlete guests.

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