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Get them Active!!!

We provide the opportunity for them to be active. Always encourage and be supportive.

Benefits of Sport & Physical Activity to Holistic Development


• Have the opportunity to interact with other children and build relationships with others.

• Learn to develop turn-taking skills.

• Develop empathy by helping other children and the confidence to help others if they are having difficulty.

• Become more aware of other people’s feelings.

• Become active listeners and are being able to follow rules and guidance.

• Have fun and experience pleasure from a broad range of activities.


• Language gives children opportunities to interact with others by using and listening to language.

• Engaging in activities provides the opportunity for exposure to a wide range of new vocabulary.

• Children will have opportunities to communicate with others and make connections between instruction and action.


• Physical activity promotes brain functioning and gives the children the opportunity to develop and improve on their problem solving skills.

• It also helps improve the child’s memory, reasoning and task flexibility- going from one task to the other e.g. in an obstacle course.

• Helps children with their planning and implementation of ideas.


 • Improves movement, balance and co-ordination.

• Supports the development and improvement of fine and gross motor skills.

• Helps the development of strong bones strengthening of muscles and promotes a healthy heart.

Taken from the National Childhood Network


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