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Same great training, moved online!

Let's virtually come together to keep everyone active and healthy.

With players out of school and unable to train with their peers for several weeks, we are making use of technology and taking our awesome small group training sessions online!

Simply select your training time slot, fire up your tablet, laptop or smart phone and train online with up to 4 other players. All sessions are instructed by our highly experienced coaches in a live, online small group session.

This is not a video stream. Players will interact with other registered players and their coach during the class. We’ll be including challenges among participants in each session to create a fun and competitive environment. Sessions are 45 mins and players will be grouped by age and skill level.




$50 USD / $100 BBD PER MONTH


Fitness Fun 




Fitness Fun is perfect for those superheroes who need to get rid of excess energy. 

Perfect class during the week after a long day of class. 


Program Details

This program is open to all of our superheroes. We've taken our outdoor curriculum and transformed it into a fun, 45-minute virtual session. Players are placed into training pods of 4 to 5 players that meet each week for a small group virtual training session. Players are separated into pods based on age then playing level.

Unlike recorded training sessions, our sessions are interactive. Players see, hear, and engage with their coach and peers in each real-time session. Training is focused on individual skills. Our fantastic coaches provide demonstrations, instructions, and technical training to each player as the group works through a variety of drills / skills. Real-time instruction limits bad forms and habits before they have a chance to form. Fun games and drills incorporate competitive challenges and interaction with peers allows players to engage in the fun social aspects of playing sports.


Benefits of this program

  • No need to leave home. Training is accessed from your home device. 

  • Structured session with real time feedback from your coach.

  • Fun, age and skill appropriate training curriculum.

  • Real time skills challenges with other participants.

  • Allows for peer engagement from the safety of your home.

  • Keeps kids active, engaged and part of a structured environment.


How training works

  • Register for your preferred session.

  • We’ll send you an email with instructions for accessing the class and best practices for setting up your device.

  • Connect your tablet, phone, or computer at the session time.

  • Follow the coach-led activities and compete with your peers online.

What you'll need:

  • Smartphone, tablet, or computer and a table/chair

  • Internet access

  • Space, we recommend a 10x10 area (indoors or outdoors)

  • *Soccer ball 

  • 5 disc cones or household items (tins, plastic cups, shoes)

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