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Our private swim lessons allow swimmers of all ages and levels to progress through our curriculum at their own pace with one of our certified swim instructors. Each 30 minute class will be customized around mastering the skills to become a better, stronger, safer swimmer.


Private and semi-private lessons (two swimmers with one instructor) are great options if you are looking for more time focused on your individual swimmer or siblings wanting to be in the same class




Private Parent Toddler classes


Private Children classes


Early education also makes it easy to give your child a positive experience with swimming, right from the beginning. Kids who get their feet wet early in life tend to have less fear and apprehension around water.


Swimming improves confidence in other ways, too. Infant and toddler swim classes include water play, fun songs and close contact with mom, dad or another trusted caregiver. These elements, plus the joy of learning a new skill, create a supportive and social group environment that fosters self-confidence.

What skills will my superhero learn?

6 months - 12 months

We will create a strong foundation for your superhero. 

We select activities which will help your baby gain confidence in the water. Kicking their legs and reaching for toys in the pool will encourage them to stretch and develop their legs and arms. 

Your superhero will then take their first steps in aquatic breathing through activities such as blowing bubbles. Their first underwater swims will gently build on their natural gag reflex and they will soon learn how to control their breath so it becomes a learned action. 

Building their physical abilities and core is also important. Floating is a key part of the first year as it forms the foundation of learning to swim and builds more water confidence. 

Water safety is also taught, we will teach your baby how to hold the side of the pool and the basics of how to respond in an emergency situaiton to parents. 


What skills will my superhero learn?

1 - 2 years

We build on the fundamental skills learnt in the first year and help them to gain more independence.


They will start to use their arms and legs on their own and be able to travel small distances in the water by themselves with the assistance of floating aids. 


Activities such as counting, identifying colors will be addded to the class as the complete small tasks. 

Your child will further their safety knowledge and start to learn how to move across the side of the pool and climb out. 


What skills will my superhero learn?

2 - 3 years

Building on the foundations created, they will progress to swimming a few metres on both their front and back with little support. Their technique will have improved to enhance their aqautic breathing and start to blow bubbles rhythmically. This is important in developing their front crawl technique. 

We also start to encourage them to start to roll to breathe when swimming short distances. Basic treading water is also taught.  


What skills will my superhero learn?

3 - 4 years

Your superhero will learn to push off from the wall on their front and back and begin to work on streamlining.


They will also gain confidence to swim without trying to touch the floor or using any floats, we will develop their independence more so they will be able to swim longer distances. 

They will learn how to swim down to the pool floor and pick up an object and will be able to sit and dive into the water independently and swim towards a target. 


What skills will my superhero learn?

4 - 5 years

In the final year of their program before progressing onto the next phase, your child would start to piece together what they have learnt to execute swimming. Push and glide and swim on their front and back. Turning their heads and rotating their body to breathe. This is when it all comes together. 

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