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Learn to Swim

Creating an island of swimmers


Our Program

Pools to Schools


Finding pool time for your school swimming lessons can be tricky at the best of times. We seek to provide a unique opportunity for schools to bring swimming directly to them, rather than them having to travel to go to the pool.  Our commitment is to provide a safe, inclusive, and vibrant learning environment, where every child acquires confidence, competence, vital swimming and water safety skills.



Our Pool to Schools program provides numerous benefits for your school and students: 

  • Save on transportation costs

  • Reduce lost learning time

  • Provide swimming for the whole school

  • No need for additional staff

  • Lessons tailored to each class


What's Included

16ft x 10ft learn to swim filtered pool, chemicals, safety equipment, risk assessments and insurance. Lessons led by qualified and competent swim instructors. Provision of all swimming equipment such as jackets, kick boards and pool noodles. 


Fully customisable

Program can be structured in 2 weeks/4 weeks/6 weeks blocks depending on each school’s requirements. Swim classes can be chosen based on your preferred times and duration. 

Get in Touch

To find out how this program can benefit your school, send us an email or contact us 1(246) 838-8602

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