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CeeVisionSports Digital Training

Fully Interactive Virtual Training on Sports Performance Training + Drills

An opportunity to develop young athletes into winners in sports & in life.


CEEVISIONSPORTS would like to invite your child to sign-up to improve his/her strength and athleticism. While simultaneously progressing their flexibility, balance, coordination, agility, quickness, crisp directional change, endurance, strength, power, and explosiveness. 

The CeeVisionSports team in association with our training partners have designed a series of workouts around Movement Skills, Speed Training, Strength Training, Agility Training and Power Training based on specific sports, along with Performance Assessments to assess each individual’s progress. These assessments will show each athlete exactly where they need to safely and effectively be through our pre-recordings and personalized feedback.




  • Weekly workouts.

  • Video demonstration of structured training.

  • Live video chats with Coach to discuss goals to setup a growth plan.

  • Performance Assessments.

  • Athlete video uploads for coach analysis.

  • Feedback from coaching staff.

  • Exposure to sporting teams, clubs & organizations. 

Coaching materials will be shared via the coaching platform app Famer and on the video calls. Program will include 9+ hours of warmups, drills, exercises, and workouts for you to do at home inclusive of live coaching sessions. 

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