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cadets (AGES 8-13 YEARS OLD)

Develop your game!

This fast-paced and challenging program develops and strengthens your players technique of core skills, while also developing more advanced technical skills. Drills incorporate more advanced combinations and higher pressure situations to challenge your player. This program allows players to learn new skills, while placing much emphasis on increasing their proficiency in each skill that they perform. Players learn to hone their craft. Sportsmanship skills are developed and strongly encouraged.

Program Details


This program is for our 8 - 13-year-old players. While incorporating fewer games into sessions than our Junior Skills program, the focus is primarily given to skill development and execution. Our curriculum incorporates fun challenges and multi-skill combinations to continually challenge players as they work through a series of exercises that introduce basic to advanced skills. Focus is also given to increasing proficiency in core skills and correcting bad habits. Players work in an environment where they are encouraged to be creative and to gain confidence in using a variety of skills. This program is intended for all players, from new to competitive level-players.

What to expect: Program structure follows no-pressure to low to high-pressure environments.  The program goal is not solely to develop new skills but also to focus on enhancing and improving current techniques and form in increasingly higher pressure environments.

What equipment is needed (Based on Sport): Shin guards, football boots, track shoes or sneakers, swim cap & goggles. 

Program structure may be modified during COVID. 

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